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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Wedding 2nd Jan 2010...TRAFFIC !!

When I first received the enquiry for pricing and availability to provide wedding photography for Claudia and Thomas on the 2nd of Jan 2010 the first thing that crossed  my mind was TRAFFIC IN VINA!!!   Oh boy, was I ever right. Claudia and Thomas are my first clients for 2010, based in Switzerland, as were two Chilean Swiss couples from last year, the couple were squeezing Christmas, New Year and Wedding into one trip...oh yeah...and a baptism.
So the event kicks off at 6:30 usual Mauricio and myself left vina to arrive with at least one hour to prepare, re-scout the location and take some details photos. TRAFFIC IN VINA quickly became a reality. With over 2 million people descending upon Vina del mar, Valparaiso and Renaca over the festive season this manifested into a 4km trip taking 1 hour and 15 mins. While the WeddingPhotoChile team arrived with time to spare...we were the only ones. The entire wedding party, guests and priest included were over 1 hour late. The bride finally arrived thereafter and onward we went.
Normally when a client requests artistic style portraits I advise them to lock in at least 1 hour for shooting in a pre determined location. In this case we had decided on the beach which, I had scouted about 12 days before finding the perfect spot. In this case due to the extreme delays the entire event was now 90 mins behind schedule and Club Arabe in Vina were waiting to receive us.

Along with the fading light consideration allowing only 20 mins shooting time on the beach we all packed up and headed off for the return journey to Vina in which we were accompanied by all the cars who preciously accompanied us into Renaca and some more thus resulting in a 1.5 hour journey...
Instead of dinner at 8:30 we had delicious steaks at 12am...I felt really bad for Thomas and Claudia as they had travelled all this way to have their special day here and spend around 2.5 hours in there ribboned car...good chance for some alone time (+driver).
So...the moral of this story is.....Vina del mar region of Chile at certain times of year are VERY MUCH effected by tourism and traffic can become a lockdown. If your planning any wedding activity in this area I would suggest checking out any other events that may be taking place. The next big lockdown of traffic flow will be the onslaught of  summer beach lovers tho January/February, the incomers following Dakar rally mid February,then the Festival de Vina 2010 at the end of February.
All in all, a long long day but great...super nice couple, very patient considering, and a great time had by all.
No images on this one as the client is retaining all rights.
Saludos / Regards
Gardner Hamilton