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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Lider, Jumbo and Santa Isobel...AHHHH


Well, a very busy week indeed. Meetings, Job for a large international commercial client , editing photos, shopping for some new equipment , shooting for our commercial on TV and more meetings..........
This week seen over 4 hours of my time lost due to meetings and appointments being late or people not showing up...a common practice in these parts...but a little annoying none the less as, with wedding season upon us pretty much every minute of every day right now is accounted for.  We are also very busy shooting our new publicity video commercial due to air soon on several websites and 2 local TV stations.  Loosing the 4 hours this week was tough but it can be reclaimed.
So whats with the title of this post on a wedding photography blog?   I know....
Well its like this.....Over the last 10-15 weddings, where the brides and grooms have went to great lengths to make all the little details look amazing on their day and they do a great job. While perfoming selections for editing from the photos taken there is a high frequency of beautiful ornate baskets from which to launch the flower petals from, BUT, the "launcher" neglects to take the petals from the supermarket bag and empty them into the basket, thus many photos of this paramount moment in the event have the supermarket bag placed inside the basket with a great advert for Jumbo, Lider, Paris, Easy, Ripley, Santa Isobel...need i go on.   So....brides.....i would suggest that you mention the guests....use the basket !!! ... While this can be semi corrected by removing the name and advertising from the usually white bags, it looses a certain touch of class from the look of this classic moment in any wedding... some food for thought.
and  breath...............................ahhhhh
delivered images to my 3rd clients from Switzerland in 3 was very nice to se them again and have a coffee and a laugh talking about the goings on at their event...they gave me the go ahead to post a couple of their images so here you go...
NEXT WEEK.........  Club Fach (Santiago)
Saludos / Regards
Gardner Hamilton