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Friday, 15 January 2010

8 Weddings in 5 Weeks

So begins a non stop run of weddings between Santiago and Vina del mar and a few places in-between and round about. This is going to be a very busy session for us.

To be able to handle this volume of work with consistency, energy, attention to details and overall gusto takes mental and physical preparation as well as a highly systematic image post production and archive handling system.

Over the years in covering press photography for some of the worlds biggest big agencies I have honed my skills and systems into running like a Swiss watch. This is paramount when dealing with multiple clients in a short space of time. With and the emphasis is always on having the right energy and synergy on the day for and with clients to assist in creating the right images and equally as important, following a strict file handling and post production process to ensure everything runs smooth.

To be honest, I'm a systems junkie...every process I do in my working life has a process which I follow as tightly as possible. This allows me to monitor accurately what service my clients receive and how it can be improved upon...If you don't monitor can't manage it....right?

Over the coming weeks will entail handling 100's of gigabytes of images so in anticipation..all file folders for receiving files from the various (numbered) cameras are ready...along with file folders to store primary, secondary and tertiary level image selections before continuing to the edit folders. This way anyone in the team can access any image from any event quickly through the main storage server. This also provides a tight photo logging system which is highly important when creating the final discs for the clients.

The DVD discs for each event with custom laser etching are already prepared for these 8 events, the cover templates also just awaiting a selected image to be embedded from each event , then print to complete the disc sets.

With approximately 50 man / woman hours going into each event it pays to be ahead of the game. with all this preparation complete it leaves myself and the team free to concentrate on what matters to you...great photos...properly edited...delivered promptly. A friend of a friend in Chile who recently got married 20 somethingth of October 2009 is still waiting to receive her disc and wedding photography album. I have seen a few tasters and to be honest...what I have seen ain't worth the wait.

When you reserve with a wedding photographer be sure to clarify the production time, while you should not want to pressure or rush your photographer into doing a fast edit...especially if it is a one person business, you do want to ensure you get your images within a reasonable time frame...the normal maximum accepted in most of the countries I have worked in is 6 weeks, as a maximum...but you should expect 2-4 weeks depending how busy he or she is at the time. Our target is to have the images ready within 10 days but never at the cost of quality. If your going on a honeymoon we try to have them ready for your return.

With the case of international clients, of which we served 19 of in 2009, we make an excreted effort to ensure your images are ready to take home with you...we take pride in handing them to you personally rather than mailing them. So we, where possible, stay at your location for some extra time after your wedding day and edit our little tooshies off before returning home...recently the case in LA and in Buenas Aires but hey...never in a rush to leave either...

Tomorrow is a very grand event with many many guests...some great music features and some international cuisine....I can't wait...Santiago  here we come.  now...I'd better get that hotel booked!!!!

Saludos / Regards

Gardner Hamilton