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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Club Fach 16/Jan 2010 Santiago Wedding Photography

What a great couple, What a great location, What a great night.
This was the first time Wedding Photo Chile had the pleasure of working in Club Fach in Providencia, Santiago. The building holds lots of great features and elements perfect for creating some very cool wedding photos. Since it is Sunday at non and I got back at 4:45am heres a couple of sample shots editied just for the Blog.
During the undertaking of the formal portraits , about 5 photos in....the room we had setup as our "shoot space"was invaded by about 70 guests which put the shooting on hold for about 30 mins until we could convince them to leave, but not before one of our lighting units got knocked over and broken ...and expensive accident but as usul...we had a spare.The lighing challenges were many at this event due to the start time being 8:30 at night leaving no available day light outside, or entering through windows. The old and coloured walls made for some colour casting when using reflected light but this is all recoverable and the end results for this wedding will be a very elegant set of formals with some great party shots to fit the clients requirements.
The Santiago air quality yesterday was particularly bad, so the long drive home at 3:30am with the roof open and the windows down was very welcomed after a full days shooting....all in all  a damn fine day!