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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Naval Wedding 27 March ,Vina del Mar, Valentina + Francisco

Valentinas famiy already had some of the strongest attachments to the Chilean Navy with her father and grandfather being among the highest ranking. To add to this the groom, Francisco and his father are ranked also so this entire event was all about protocol, rum and song.
We started shooting the wedding preperation photography at the brides home around 3pm to catch some good window light.

Makeup  Alana Seemann

Aways laughing, Valentina was nervous but having a great time living her once in a lifetime dream day...

With an entire room dedicated to makeup and preperation it made the photography a dream and opened some rare opportunities to catch the angles that tell the story best.

While she was prepairing , my chance to steal the wedding dress...a real beauty ! I wanted to photograph the dress inside the house as a reminder to her of the family home and her preperation there..

The wedding Shoes...this shot was just all about the front of the will be combind with others detailing the heels and the complete shoes...I enjoyed playing with the shape and creating the diamond shape in the centre of the image.....

Time to get that dress on.....looking at herself in a mirror while her friend closes the back of the dress you could see that valentina was intent on looking her best for for Francisco

OK ! time to get the shoes on, there are always helping hands around when its crunch time

I suggested the Novia took 5 mins to relax, breathe and compose herself on one of her family homes balconies before leaving for the church, always a great way to get some photos with deep thoughtfull facial expressionsand moments of anticipation

Everybodys is waiting at the church for you Valentina..a lovely little church on Cerro Castillo, vina del mar where over 200 people many that they spilled out into the street.

The church awaits !

Valentina and Francisco had constant smiles throughout the church service of 50 mins...they were soooo happy...but i wanted to post this shot because we all know smiles right !

Upon leaving the church as man and wife he happy couple passed under the bridge or swords as is normal at naval weddings...only to be bombarded by rice...normally the guests throw the rice up and it lands on the novios...not in this case, you can see the force and direction in the rice (right of foto). Valentina take cover as Francisco  laughs it off

We took the couple to the Laguna at Sausolito to do some informal portraits before we lost the sun for the day...Franciscos military pace was tough for Valentina to maintain while holding her dress off the dusty walkway

I came across this tree 2 weeks ago when I was scouting the Laguna area and loved the groove in the trunk into which Valentina fits perfectly...the warm strong setting sunlight breaks between two other trees creating a natural spotlight onto her

Mauricio picked this location specifically for this really worked well wth the textures, the depth and the wonderfull pose with a passionate kiss

On route from the laguna to the event centre we had tagged another location to catch a few fast shots in the now failing sunlight...the couple were hungry and cocktails and to greet their guests but gae up another 10 mins to catch a few more this location we produced some awesome spinning fotos which I am currently editing...

Golf Courses are always a dream to shoot, perfect grass and great trees...
while i produce shots similar to this for other couples i liked the addition of the Navy hat to the normal brides flowers and I asked Valentina to lean in and kiss to add to her alreay feminine posture

The Bride and Groom arrive at the event centre where a long awaited glass of champagne is ready to be raised

....and the party begins...the best friend/bridesmaid catches the flowers....Hmm  is this a fix?

Some famous guests.....

another happy couple....I believe i wasn't the only person there with a Scottish accent !

With over 300 people at the party it rocked!! until 5am

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