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Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 Vs 2010


This is a perfect opportunity for us to thank everyone who used our photographic services this year, to all the brides and grooms of 2009, we had great fun meeting you and were honoured to be your wedding photographer choice in Chile. For the weddings outside Chile, thanks to you also for choosing us as your destination wedding photography service. To the endless amounts of models we worked with this year...well done everyone and 2009 produced some stunning images from you guys. To the companies who contracted our services for product and commercial production photography, both existing clients and new...always a pleasure...and all the new clients we have still to meet HAPPY NEW YEAR.
2009 was a very diverse year, not just for with some very unusual weddings and great destinations, but also for Some excellent experiences and some very interesting locations and people thought this year form Helicopter shoots, to Prince Charles shoots, to 2.6km up in The Andes and 1.6km inside the mountains at El Teniente Mine. Awesome experiences !!!
For 2010 it will be , as usual, primarily wedding photography. In 2010 I have returned to my original concept of introducing a higher standard of artistic and photo journalism photography to Chile. I will be trying at every opportunity to educate clients to the options that are available with today's technology and continuing to offer copyright free (without copyright) images. I will also endeavour to locate a photograph printing facility that can print to a good enough standard to make ME happy with providing printed images. Myself and Kyle Hepp , a female wedding photographer from United States based in Santiago recently touched on this, she encounters the same quality issues.
So ........ to all we have has really been a pleasure and a full year without any hassle ...none!   to all we will serve in the future...we look forward to meeting you and talking about your requirements. Have a great 2010 Everyone.
Gardner, Mauricio, Soledad, Carolina, Crichton
Saludos / Regards
Gardner Hamilton

Esta es una oportunidad perfecta para nosotros para agradecer a todos que utilizan nuestros servicios fotográficos este año, a todas las novias y novios de 2009, hemos tenido gran diversión reunión usted y tuvieron el honor de ser tu boda fotógrafo elección en Chile. Para las bodas fuera de Chile, gracias a usted también por elegirnos como su boda con destino servicio de fotografía. A los interminables cantidades de modelos hemos trabajado con este año...bien hecho todos y 2009 producido algunas imágenes impresionantes de ustedes. A las empresas que contrató los servicios de producto y la producción comercial fotografía, tanto a los clientes y nuevo...siempre es un placer...y finalmente...a todos los nuevos clientes aún debemos cumplir Feliz Año Nuevo. 2009 Fue muy diversa año, no sólo para con algunas muy inusual bodas y grandes destinos, sino también para Algunos excelentes experiencias y muy interesantes lugares y gente pensó este año forma Helicóptero brotes, al Príncipe Charles shoots, 2,6km hasta en los Andes y 1.6km dentro de las montañas en El Teniente Mina. Impresionante experiencias !!! Para el año 2010 será , como es habitual, principalmente boda fotografía. En 2010 he vuelto a mi concepto original de introducir un mayor nivel de artísticas y fotografía periodística fotografía a Chile. Voy a estar tratando en cada oportunidad para educar a los clientes a las opciones que están disponibles con la tecnología actual y seguir oferta copyright libre (sin derechos de autor) imágenes. También voy a tratar de localizar una fotografía servicios de impresión que puede imprimir a un buen nivel suficiente para hacer ME contento con ofrecer imágenes impresas. Yo mismo y Kyle Hepp , una mujer boda fotógrafo de Estados Unidos basado en Santiago recientemente ha abordado esta, que encuentra la misma calidad. Así ...... a todos hemos servido...que ha sido realmente un placer y un año completo sin ninguna molestia ...ninguno! a todos nos servirá en el futuro...esperamos a reunión usted y hablar acerca de sus necesidades.
 Gardner, Mauricio, Soledad, Carolina, Crichton
Saludos / cuanto Gardner Hamilton


Sunday, 27 December 2009

Family Portrait Session

So Christmas brought the usual enslaught of Family Portraits but this year the highlight was shooting the family of none other than Bruce Strong one of the the USA's top photo journalists. It was truely a pleasure to meet bruce and his family and an honour to be chosen as the photographer for this event.

Both Mauricio and I are familiar with Bruces work and enjoyed very much talking photography with him. Safe trip home Bruce and keep your finger on that shutter.

Wedding Photographs 2009 Chile "My favorite moments"

Another year has passed and another really fun year . As a wedding photographer in Chile I have had a blast and can't wait to hit all the booked work for 2010 and meet some new people getting married in Chile. I put this little slide show together, not actually all the best shots but some of the shots that bring back some laughs and fun memories for me and some other moments that I remembered and enjoyed. It is a short 4 min video with great music from St Germain. Thanks to all my clients in 2009 both private and commercial. From everyone at Wedding Photo Chile,Photographers, editors and production assistants we wish you all the best for 2010. Suerte

Sunday, 20 December 2009

End of Wedding Photography Season 2009 we are are the end of the wedding photography season for 2009. The 2010 season starts for me on the 2nd of Jan and away we go again...
Its been a great year and I must say, while the styles of weddings in Chile are very different to North America and to Europe, and also the requests from the clients have varied greatly...this has been great fun.. Every client has been an absolute pleasure to deal with, all very nice people who were willing to let me try a few ideas of mine to spice up the photography on the day. In Chile the weddings have ranged from Atacama - Chiloe, including a fantastic wedding in Pucon, planned all the way from Australia by Claudia and Scott.
Below I have included a few photos that give me some very special memories from just a few of the weddings attended in 2009, I hope you enjoy them!.
With 22 bookings for wedding photography in Chile for 2010 and 8 booked for 2011, even 2 for 2012 I think Chile is going to keep me busy. As a wedding photographer based in Vina del mar and working often in Santiago as well as throughout Chile, I think I have never been happier.
For more info about my serives, prices and availability visit or for more info about me
I wish you all a great 2010 especially to everyone whos weddings I attended.
Suerte !


Thursday, 17 December 2009

Sat 5th Dec 2009 Fotografia Matrimonio Vina del Mar Chile

So Finally Clare and Marcelos big day came around....remember I shot these guys on the beach about 1 or 2 months ago...
They were great on the day...very relaxed...(after the ceromony lol) and I think they really had a great time. The Church was beautiful, stained glas, live music and singer..diffused lighting...all good stuff...Clare you looked a million bucks!! and Marcelo in full formal navy officer uniform...very regal. Then off to the oficers club in Valparaiso for the wild time...Excellent food and the location with its 3 open levels made for some cool overhead photos...thanks guys...
Clare...good call on the bubbles!

Gardner Hamilton
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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

5 questions to ask your wedding photographer

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now it is time to plan your big day. You will no doubt spend countless hours sifting through bridal magazines and surfing the web to find vendors that will help you achieve your dreams. Every vendor is important, but there is one you must know and trust more in-depth than any other: your wedding photographer. This is the vendor that will spend all day with you, and they are responsible for making sure every detail you worked so hard on is documented to relive for years to come. Because of this you want to make sure that you are in sync with their work and personality, but there are also have five questions you should ask to ensure that your photographer is as qualified as possible, and will give you the results you are looking for.

Question 1: Wedding Experience

How many years have you shot weddings? One of the most important aspects of a wedding photographer is their experience. Wedding photography is an art unto itself, and unless a photographer has covered weddings extensively, there are many details and nuances that they will simply not know to cover. You should look at the number of years in the business, and how many weddings they do per year. Of course, quality always trumps quantity, but this should give you an idea of how seasoned they are in shooting weddings.

Question 2: Professional versus the Weekend Warrior

Do you do this for a living, or is it a part-time job? Documenting a couple’s day consists of many different types of photography: fashion, portraiture, food, architecture and more. Because of this, it is beneficial to have a photographer that does more than just weddings, and works full-time, not just on the weekends. A photographer that shoots for a living develops his or her craft much more fully than someone who only does it as a hobby or to make extra income. Check and see if your photographer is a full-time professional, or part-time enthusiast.

Question 3: The Assistant

Will you be bringing an assistant? By having an assistant at the wedding, your photographer is bringing along a second set of hands, and eyes. An assistant enables the photographer to not be bogged down handling equipment, and stay focused on capturing moments. Things happen quickly, and assistant is one of the best ways to make sure your photographer works as effectively as possible.

Question 4: Backup Equipment

Do you always carry a backup camera? Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event. No matter whom you choose, there is always the chance that something could happen. You need to make sure your photographer is prepared. Ask if they have at least two cameras, and if the cameras they have are professional series. There is a great deal of difference in the speed and quality between consumer and pro cameras.

Question 5: Two Weddings in a Day

Are you shooting more than my wedding on my wedding day? Always check whether your photographer shoots more than one wedding in a day, or keeps to a one wedding per day policy. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to document a wedding well, and their attention should not be split between two different events. You want your photographer focused on making beautiful images of your day, not on how they are getting to their next shoot.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Wedding Vina/Valpo

ok 8 hours sleep in 4 days and here i am ready to shoot again...This wedding was set in 2 awesome locations, Church on Salinas, Vina del mar and then the officers Naval Club in Valparaiso. Both locations were just beautiful, a great day and with full formal dress there will be some popping image coming out of this set or sure...I did a session with these guys on the beach...see posting from a couple of months ago...they were a little nervous and it payed off as they were great on the day...Only one image prepared just for the blog at this time...more later..i currently have 3 wedding sets and 1 commercial set of images to edit so i will be shckled to my MAC for the next 3 weeks.

Wedding 3rd Dec PUCON, Chile

WOW, this was a fantastic event...too much to write about and I have not time to tell you the storys of this one..Bloody Great!!
I left on the Wednesday morning very early, drove to Santiagoto catch my flight to valdivia, then bus transfer to Pucon...met the bride and groom to cover a tour of the event locations and meet the people involved. Next day was a total of 11 hours of shooting time..what a party!!!..the best carnival session I have experienced..everyone went nuts !!! back to the hotel at 4am to get ready to catch the 6am bus to begin my trip home...thinking....GEEZO tommorow I have another wedding AHHHHHHHHH

Heres a few tasters of this event...

Gardner Hamilton
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Fotografo boda santiago chile fotografo matrimonio santiago chile fotografo casamiento santiago chile
Fotografo boda vina del mar chile fotografo matrimonio vina del mar chile fotografo casamiento vina del mar chile servicio fotografia Gardner Hamilton weddingphotochile wedding photographer santiago chile wedding photographer vin del mar chile destination wedding photographer chile fotografo britanico photography services

Wedding Olmue 28th Nov 20

A very cute country style wedding..heres a few takes from the day. Wonderfull warm sunny day in Olmue with a great group of people from several different countries.