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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

On Location Photography Equipment

I thought I would give everyone a little look behind the scenes as to the base equipment we use for on location shooting (out of studio). Our base kit consists of 18 and 21.1 mega pixel cameras with a very wide range of lenses and accessories. All the camera bodies are replaced every 2 years to ensure reliability.
 This equipment is brought to your event with multiple power packs and back up power and has the provision for up to 3 photographers to capture approx 50,000 images onsite at any single event. This far exceeds the demands of any client but isn't it nice to know the task at hand is covered?. I hear and know of many wedding photographers in Chile who take 1 camera and 1 flash...IMAGINE...if that camera breaks down on the day...say no more!
Saludos / Regards
Gardner Hamilton