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Thursday, 24 February 2011

John & Karina Matrimonio Vina Matetic 12 Feb 2011

After extensive communication with john over skype over an extended period of time it was really great to finally meet him. I had met with Karina when she arrived a few weeks before the wedding after the long flight in from the UK we hit Starbucks and did the chronology crunch.  So I will get right to it.. Brittish hit Matetic!

Carina did her prep in the Master suite of the Matetic Casona where we used the natural light to asist the makeup and the wind to keep her cool

So after the two of these guys got ready we had to consider maybe taking their portraits before the ceremony but, keeping to tradition despite the possible loss of daylight after the church they said they did not want to see each came up with this idea...using the walkie talkies we coordinated bringing them in from different directions and  Da Daaaaa...they were soooo tempted to peek!!

Next stop Church and with the Priest being a family friend he just had to be flown in ...Nice guy & a nice touch !
The eye contact in this shot says it ALL

now with that over its time to get busy making some fotos..on route to the church this old building front just 300 meters from the church looked like a great place to take a shot..

Then off to Matetic to take some more before sundown and while the guests get cocktailed

Right guys, dinner is about to be served and as always Vina Matetic does a knockout meal..

Wth everyone fed and pisco'd its time to heat it up a little, John, You're UP

And now the revenge. John was not to sure of this next little pre garter throw trick but, with a little guidance HE NAILED IT

and with the formal stuff taken care of it was time for us to leave them to it. Great day guys, Many thanks

Gardner Hamilton
Tel (0056 9) 9-992 9508

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Monday, 21 February 2011

Ekaterina + Aleksy FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE Wedding and Trash the Dress 5th Feb 2011 Vina Del Mar

Welcome back to my blog. I have a real treat for you guys this week showing the true advantages of having natural lighting included in the chronology of your wedding photography.
This week was the wedding of the beautifull Ekaterina and Aleksy. This awesome couple from Russia now live in Santiago and I was delighted when they chose to be their special wedding photographers for this very special day.

This wedding was a fantastic experence as its been a while since I have attended such an event steeped in the rich traditions from whence they came, smashing glasses, breaking plates, crowns in the church, McDonalds, amazing choir voices.....WAIT....Mc Donalds?....Oh Yeah, you have to meet these two to realize they are up for anything....Fantasticly crazy in the best possible way. When I proposed a few Ideas to Ekaterina a while back her exact reply was "Gardner, what ever you want us to do...we are fine with ...." trash the dress   ha ha ha...

The day started out in Recreo where bride and friends begin getting ready inbetween the champagne of course.

While getting the hair done our bride begins learning her lines

Dress full of AWESOMENESS !!! you think it looks good now?...wait till you see the bride it!!

I kept a hold on my shoe fettish this week as there are so many other photos to show you...but believe me, I have other shoe fotos :0)

And Shazzaam  Shes ready...!

Now lets skoot over to Vina del Mar to see if Aleksy and his boys are good to go

They alll look ready from this angle...but Aleksy...Wheres your hat???  Ah yeah, thats better

ok so now that were all ready lets head off to the church...
In keeping with the Russian style and tradition the lady guests wore fantastic headscarfs

now ...  lets get down to business

I could not help notice the angelic position here that motivated me to take this photo

After the ceremony it was a quick a high speed vehicle, One Horse Power

and on route time to take advantage of the special on Apples at Santa Isabel this week

It is actualy amazing what you can buy in  the Super Market these days...Aleksy got himsef a real bargain !

After almost getting arrested for this we were all feeling a little hungry..


Fed and happy it was time to roll out to the beach.

with champagne....

With the Champagne bottle empty and the sun gone for today it's time to party!!

Fatal Error...Don't give me the can of spray string...I can't help myself..and I'm sorry 

OK so I promised you trash the dress....1st, just let me take one other photo en route..

now when I do trash the is TRASH the DRESS, I will not ask you to sit on a dirty seat, or lay on the grass, or stand against a dirty wall. Lets begin shall we?

Now tell me thats not a trashed dress ! and a trashed suit too.. You've been WeddingPhotoChile'd

Truely a special day and a spectacular couple. MANY MANY THANKS xx

Last but never least I thought I would empty my reserve can of "spray string" on Mauricio and take a few fotos of him squirmming lol..  Good Job as always Mauricio, thanks

 Gardner Hamilton
Tel (0056 9) 9-992 9508

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ian & Monica 4th Fev 2011 Santiago Fotografia de boda


Ian and Monica first contacted me over 1 year ago while they were living between Dubai (UAE) and London (UK) to begin their plans for their intimate family wedding when they arrived in Chile. After the usual million emails and a some skype calls and without fail the pre wedding meeting we polished off all the details and made the game plan. We satarted off in the original family home of Monica where she did some of her preparation and awaited the 1947 Black Citroen Limo. Monicas Dress was a knock out, Its of spanish design and purchaced in Dubai and brought all the way here to Chile via London. I think this dress has its own passport. So, some quick details then off to meet the groom.

This old front door has many memories behind it as Monica grew up in this house so I felt it would be a nice touch, something touched by all the family present and past.

So off we go to meet up with Ian in Las Condes before he makes the walk to the church in his very dashing designer suit from London UK topped off with a corking pair of shoes and a red rose. I do not often make HDR (High Dynamic Range) images for weddings but this next shot was just beggng for it!!!

These guys were without doubt the hippest dressed bride and groom in Santiago last Saturday.
To the church !

When Monica arrived there was a great setting sun between the buildings of Santiagos Las Condes area which made for some great (private) images for the couple just as we had planned in our chronology.

After the ceromony it was time to catch some fun shots before heading of to Plaza Libertad de Prensa for a  top resturant, food drink and then dancing thanks to the music of

Using reflections on black cars is always a favorite of the seasoned wedding photographer

Speeding through downtown followed closely by the WeddingPhotoChile-Mobile

and just before going up for cocktails , dinner and party I grabbed one final image with the car before it left us for the evening.

Great day guys thanks...plenty of top class style going on... a first class job...Well done and a huge congradulations to you both !!.

Gardner Hamilton
Tel (0056 9) 9-992 9508

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