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Thursday, 25 November 2010

John & Joanna, Vina Indomita, Casablanca, Chile 22-Nov 2011

Joanna came to me through a contact via an online haunt for gringos in and out of chile. A man by the name of Mike called me one day to see if I could cover the wedding photography of the neice of a friend of his, all very distant and confusing but on the Sunday before the wedding (Monday) at 7pm John and Joanna arrived at the Sheraton Miramar in Vina del mar for our pre arranged meeting to talk through any last minute details. Upon meeting both John and Joanna I instantly got a great vibe that this smaller and extreemly personlized event was going to be a dream to photograph. Here are some mainly detail oriented photos of the day.

Monday started at the hotel 11am sharp : Bridal preperation with novia and her Two very funny sisters.

I couldn't help myself...I had to take this next shot..  loving it !!

Ok ....So while all that was going on it was time for me to steal the dress and shoes and run around the Sheraton hiding from the groom

Can you spot the dress...?  If Joanna only knew what I was doing with her dress !!

Last minute details...

OK  now Joanna is ready, time to get her on the balcony to cool off before heading down to the Lincon
Trust me ..! she's there !!

and off we go !!

A very private and unique ceremony took place at the Vineyard hence the more generic images posted

Do these bridal shoes ROCK  or what !!

After the ceremony John and & Joanna headed up to the terrace to await their guests

Did someone say "COCKTAIL"?

Did someone say "LUNCH"?
One of the several toasts to this wonderfull couple

I loved the fact that Joanna had considered flowers for all the principle ladies at this event, and I loved the way the light was hittig them as they all took a drink while the wedding group had lunch.

With lunch over I had time to take the newlyweds for some informal portraits in the awesome location.

and to end the day...always with a kiss...This was an awesome day with a truely great bunch of people. Thanks guys for your patience and for agreeing to go to all the other crazy locations I dragged you too .

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