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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sample from Wedding Club Fach

Upon meeting Julio and Marianela several months ago I just knew this wedding was going to have that certain touch of class about it. A good friend of mine, Ignacio (DJ and producer) introduced me to the couple at there appartment in providencia where we bahed out ll the details and put our game plan down on paper. Marianela had a very clear idea of what she liked and did not like and Julio was very methodical in making sure everything went smooth on the day...Other than a small invasion of guests during the closed formal shoot all ran like a swiss watch.

The locationCLUB FACH in Santiago is like other military buildings in Chile but has a superior exterior and location making the 1am street shooting rather fun. Due to the elections being the following day, Santiagio was a ghost town on Saturday night...

The cake at this event was stunning...the most artistic cake yet encountered in my southern hemesphere shooting....a shame to cut it!!!

Below you can see just 5 of the 200+ images prepaired for the couple consisting of portraiture and photojournalistic images.

Next week very different wedding in a counrty this space.....