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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Same Sex !!, Different Location !!

Same Sex ! Different Location !

It has been just under 5 years since I last worked at a same sex wedding but, I can’t wait as it brings some different challenges. As a wedding photographer it is my job to capture images of love and moments reflecting split second glances , actions and reactions to report the event in its entirity.

Andrew and Tim contacted me through another same sex couple that I covered their wedding in Los Angeles about 5 yeas ago. They are all friends and they loved the photographs I produced back then. Andy and Tim are a very laid back pair, both succesfull professionals they know what they want and are very clear about it. I love it when a couple have a very clear understanding of what they are looking for as it gives me a directive and a goal to hit and go beyond to satisfy the client.

Andy and Tims marrage will take place in a wonderfull event centre overlooking The Bay Area then after the ceromony and meal its back to their wonderfull hilltop house with spectacular views and a roof terrace for The Party. With over 120 guests at the house I think It will be a blast to be there and to get some really cool photo journalistic style photographs.

It is so nice to deal with these guys as they are so organized, right down to the smallest detail. The more info I have about each of them and the event itself, the better informed I am to report the event and the people involved. I could not believe that just 1 day after receiving their deposit, I received the tickets for myself and Mauricio (Assistant Photographer) for our flights in July.

Our second Same sex shoot this year (so far) will be in London in October, Not so warm but great for the autumn images the clients are looking for. Using the wonderfull park locations in central london this is a wedding photographers dream shoot. Liane and Stephanie have been a couple now for 8 years and decided its time to tie the knot. The remote church 26km south of London will be the stage for a quiet informal service, then back to central for the formal wedding photography in the park. Using the fall colours and the great open scapes of the park can create some of the most beautiful and natural images for weddings. Both Liane and stephanie are very much nature lovers and expressed this theme as a preference in their special day.

One shot I can’t wait to capture is there little dog “woody” who will be bringing the rings into the church on a specially made cushion which fits to his back…kinda unique !.

So….this is our Same Sex, Different Location….as opposed to same sex different position !!!

As a destination wedding photographer covering same sex marrages there are some slightly differentapproaches required to enable things to run similar to other weddings. Depending on the clients photographic needs it is my job as the photographer to establish for example, who…if anyone leads in the dance. To create the perfect photos it is important to pose the couple in appropriate positions depending on there status/role within the relationship to assist in appropriate role deffinition within the images.

This can be a tendor subject and sometimes needs to be approached with discretion, and in other cases, some same sex couple make it very clear to me…either way…its all part of the differences that same sex wedding photography brings.

Gardner Hamilton