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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Karen and Yan Wedding Photography 30th Jan 2010 Vina del mar

Another sunny day in Vina del mar started mid afternoon as Karen arrived at the Sheraton Hotel in Vina del mar with her 3 best friends ready for the preperation of the big day.

As usual Stealing the dress and shoes is always priority for the wedding photographer and this was no exception. Karens shoes were more than different with respect to bridalwear but, with the imported Italian wedding dress they hit the spot beautifully.

Karens long time friends proceeded to insert Karen into her dress with military precision and some laughs along the way. This was truely one of the killer dresses of the 2009/2010 season with some fantastic details and a quality unseen locally here in Chile.

Take Dress...Insert Bride

After the preperation photographs we had some free time to spend catching some informal portrait and architectural detail photographs around the Sheraton Hotel. This was a great chance to kill some time, get more photos and help distract Karen who was getting a little nervous. Putting her on the balcony of her room and shooting from far made her feel at ease and got her used to the camer starting to look at her for the rest of the day...Clearing people from 7 balconies, beach towels from about 10 and some other items from several other of  the balconies was not easy but hats off to Maurico for running to god knows how many room doors to get it done! I think it payed off in the clean image showing bride and location.

A little stroll through the Hotel gave opportunity to catch some classic angles wth some locally well known architecture ensuring a clear reminder for the future of the day unfolding

Finally Karen takes one last look from the balcony as a single woman before heading downstairs to join the vintage car which will take her to meet Yan at the little stone church in Miraflores to seal the deal, then off to the Concon sailing club for PARTEE !