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Monday, 22 February 2010

The Confusions for Brides in Wedding Photography

The Confusions for Brides in Wedding Photography
In many cases my heart goes out to the brides tht I meet and I suppose the ones I don’t meet. Brides today have got so much to do, so much or organize, so many details. Their wedding is such a large and important event that they work tirelessly to ensure they tie up all the loose ends.
When it comes to their dream wedding photography many brides have a clear idea of what they like and don’t like but there is a certain issue that, through no fault of their own, is very important. On a regular basis I meet brides from all over the world and the same assumption arrises. Brides see on many websites and wedding magazines some wonderfull and dreamy images shot to perfection of weddings and special moments. The sad reallity for them is that nearly all of these glam wedding photos are staged. When I was working in United States and Canada it was even more predominent than here in South America. Most weddings in Chile pencil in a max of 45 Mins for the formal wedding shoot into the chronology of the day, while this is a good amount of time to shoot the couple it limits location changes and can also have limitations based on the time of the photo shoot in reference to the available sun light.
Realisticlly for brides to receive full scale staged glamour wedding photos the couple have to secure 2-3 hours for a photo session and on the day this is nearly impossible. Most of the high fashion and or glamour wedding photography takes place a fe days after the wedding or upon return from the honeymoon where the couple get the same outfits on as the big day, redo the hair and makeup and then devote the best part of a day to travel to perfectly it and composed location to create flawless images. On the big day of the wedding the emotion is always more powerfull than any location, any color or any dress.
While over the years I have becme very adapt at shooting real time formal and informal portraiture wedding photographs live at the event, sometimes with only a 20 min window of light…consider always…if you cant make the time on the big day….theres always a chance to re stage and create again later. Consider making a date after the wedding to do some highly artistic creative wedding photos for your album and also considr a TTD Trash the Dress session, a somewhat wild concept of taking some shots that don’t respect the wedding dress but no harm comes to it….its all cleaned and aybe the odd thread hear and there but nothing major. TTD sessions create some of the most fun images you could dream of having.

Give it some thought …………………….