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Friday, 19 February 2010

New Yorkers, Vina Matetic, Casablanca, Chile on 14th Feb 2010

About 4 months ago I first met with Pamela and Jason from Manhatten , Pam is a Vice President with a major USA Bank and Jason a Lawyer. The couple travelled south to Santiago to begin their destination wedding plans and we met in the lobby of the family condo in Providencia to begin discussing the wedding photography plan.
I arrived a little early as usual and a little flustered as this was my 3rd meeting of the day after having a photoshoot in the morning for Spoon Publishing in Sweden, one of my regular commercial clients.
Pam and Jason had been very busy but we soon got to business and got a fell for how we could work together. Jason was a little concerned about the formality of the photography but I managed to assure him that I could keep it low key and relaxed to make him feel comfortable on the big day.
After many communications via email and a couple of phone calls chile to NYC we got all the plan laid out and ready to shoot, in the interim period I visited the location Vina Matetic in Casablanca twice to see how the flowers and tree cover was changing to ensure we picked the right locations to shoot on the day

A final meet for coffee and cake in Vina del Mar a few days before the wedding and we were all set to go. The New York gang arrived on time even although Pamelas worries of weather delays were a reality, they did not come into play.

The fantastic setting was a dream to work at, Jason and Pamela had reserved several of the rooms, all of which named after different wines, in which we started with the preperation wedding photography for the bride. Duering this time is the photographers chance to steal the dress and shoes to shoot the details and location shots.

The 6pm ceremony ran on time but did not leave a lot of time for the photography remit the clients required there after…novios foto session, family groups and a total group shot of 160 invites. Just before the event started the bride and groom thought they would like to try to shoot a few frames at the BODEGA, quickly we jumped in the truck and flew the 4 km to the bodega to tag a few places that we could take some artistic photographs to include in their wedding album…putting rocks to mark the exact places to shoot so that it woud save time…the extra 20 mins of driving was valuable light time needed upon the return to catch the group shots.

So with the formals, informals, groups and details all captured it was onto the meal and party. The meal was served in the octagonal resturant surrounded by a little lagoon. The clarity of the night sky was amazing.

Pamelas Uncle Pedro Missone , a famous Chilean singer songwriter, was a guest and wrote and sang two songs esspecially for them on their speacial day…a great opportunity and a nice personal touch..

To show the guests some Chilean traditional dance there was more of a show........

The party hit off soon after and the New York crowd partied hard with the local Chileans…

The call for the 1st of 2 busses to return guests to vina del mar went out at 10 mins to 1am….everyone was having such a blast that only 9 people got on so needless to say the last bus was a little busy..
This was a very well put together event…the Bride and Groom really put their hearts into this day both in preperation and emmosional content throughout the event, some very touching moments. Every wedding is Unique, this one was one of the most sincere celebrations of the couples sepecial day I have encountered in my career. An awesome day !

Jason watches the guests enter the dinning area as pams girls make some adjustments

Mauricio stages the couple on a cute little bridge to catch a last shot before they enter for the meal and leave daylight behind