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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Paloma y Andres, Vina del mar, Retratos

Paloma and Andres are future clients of mine with their spectacular wedding day planned for early next year. Both Paloma and Andres, being medical professionals in Santiago, Chile have crazy scheduals and we have had some difficulties getting together to make this little getting to know you shoot happen.

As of recent it has been dull, cold and cloudy in Vina del mar and this day was no exception so, during our famous weddingphotochile pre session coffee, cake and ice cream sugar and caffine top-ups at a coffee shop in Vina del mar we were pleasantly surprized to see the sun start to appear and the wind relax.

Off to the local beach for a little walking and shooting before getting smootchy on the rocks.

Ok enough of this long walks onthe beach stuff...lets get to kissin and cuddlin  !!
This was a rather dangerous spot to perch the couple on as the waves were throwing some random and unexpected large ones at us. I had to wait to step in and catch the ocean crash in behind and hope it didnt take us back out to sea ..both Andres and Paloma could relax as they couldn't see it coming !!

Using the large diagonal rockface is a great way to give depth and dimention rather than just all sand

Next stop was a cliff top view point next to Concon for another few shots before the couple had to drive back to Santiago, Andres arrived in Vina for this session after working 24 hours straight and Paloma only had 3 hours of sleep.. if they look this amazing after these circumstances I cannot wait to see how hot they look together on their wedding day.....


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