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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Just Add Alcohol !!

Over the last 2 years continuing as a die hard wedding photographer in Chile I have become aware of a very funny part of the Chilean culture, which I think is kinda cute. 

During the wedding photography of the day people are not very responsive to the camera and sometimes need a little prodding to get my required result. While everyone is derssed up , make up, hair, nails, all looking great the missing element is often a little smile. At the formal part of the day many people seem to be sooooo serious and reserve expressing their feelings. Even when theyknow there in frame and about to be shot, they will hold a poker face that could bluff easly with the worst of hands in a real game.

Just add alcohol  !!!
Now, during the cocktail things begin to loosen up and as I pull guests to produce the formal family group shots the mood lightens and the smiles start to appear, but usually just on the ladies at this stage. The men remain ties tight and serious. Asking for any fun group shots at this stage in a wedding in Chile usually does not produce the desired effect.

Add more alcohol !!!!!
The meal begins and as the wine starts to settle with the cocktail champagne the knots in the ties begin to slip and everyone starts to asume their natural smile. This is usually the best time to capture the candid photojournalistic shots of emmotions and people interacting, great chances for photographs of eye contact, laughing, touching etc etc

OK Lets just finnish all the alcohol  !!!!!!!!!!!!!
The party begins and like any good wedding the guests start to party hard, although in Chile iI find they party probably the hardest out of all the countries I've worked in. I love the wedding partys in Chile....truely a fiesta...and the dancing is awesome.  Now ...upto this point ..all but 4 weddings in Chile have produced one or two people who constantly approach me throughout the night requesting a foto. It doesn't bother me...It is my job to capture the guests doing what they do so well but I have to consider that the bride and groom most likely do not want 100+ fotos of the same person getting more and more drunk. As much as it is a very fun part of my work watching 200 people getting hammered and having a free hand to photograph them doing all sorts of crazy stuff.. As much as I love this, the artistic portraits are still my favorite.

My assistant Photographer Maurico is a party animal and he just cant get enough of the wedding fiestas. He also has his fare share of Mr and Mrs FOTO FOTO FOTO requesters and produces some perfectly timed images catching them...lets just say not always at their best, but the party is about us reporting all the fun to the be it.  So, to continue, the FOTO FOTO FOTO cries go out around my ears as I patrol the dance floor. After taking at least 60 requested images of a certain guest I asked Mauricio to step in and track her for a bit. The booze was kicking in and it was about to funny (funnier)

Approximately 3 minutes later I see Mauricio cutting a path right to me with a huge smile on his face and his camera preview screen lit with an image...I thought "he's got one already?"  surely not !!  sure enough...only a matter of time and percentages.  Oh dear...The front of the dress fell down !!

(While I hold the full Copyright and Publication rights on this image It will not be published to protect the ID of the subject)

After we gave the guest a preview of this she laughed and kept insisting on more fotos...she was awesome  just too funny.
In summary..Chile weddings ROCK !...and the guests are always awesome...Just add Alcohol !! (lol)
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