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Monday, 10 May 2010

Fotografia de matrimonio en Chile para $220 dollars

Wedding Photography in Chile for $220 Dollars

YES !!!! WOW !!!!!! WHAT A DEAL RIGHT?.......... WRONG!!

After being in chile for a little over two years now and probably stumbling across every wedding photo website here it never ceases to amaze me 2 things.

1. The standard of images accepted by clients from the average so called wedding photographer in Chile. 90% of weddings here are shot by weekend warriors..this is to say for example someone who is a wedding photographer only as a secondary source of income ie taxi driver monday to friday, wedding photographer saturday may scoff, as did I when i first got here, but it is for real!. These photographers, and I use the word very lightly, generally pass the images to the client unedited or edited with no training, (A( in image editing, (B) no training in wedding photography and (C) no artistic skill whatsoever let alone an understanding of light and composition.

and..2. The unbelievable price war among the locals to see who can supply the most images and the cheapest price, regardless of how crap they are....and beyond this...the clients seem to keep coming back for more. This is a great way for the quality to stay low and the photographers to stay poor.

I recently attended the EXPO NOVIOS 2010 at Casa Piedra in Santiago where there was one so called photographer who had the most pittyfull display of images I have ever seen at an expo. I also witnessed some of the most over exposed images ever to land in a clients wedding album, yet...the public were massing to him and wallowing in his work. So, is this his fault for being CRAP...or the clients fault for not knowing good professional wedding photography?.
Now, there is an issue with the $220 dollar price tag. If a client is paying $220 bucks they should expect nothing greater than this guy was offering but it still escapes me, how on such a special day, when brides take so much care and pay so much attention to details that they miss such a huge hole in the photographic service of the day.

In the time before the internet I can understand people being a bit in the dark as to what's out there...but today...NO!

So why do people in Chile consistantly select 6th grade unqualified photographers to shoot there most important day...Is it price? is it the 600 images on disk and the 200 printed images for next to no cost? is it because they dont have internet and have never seen the work of real pro wedding photographers? or they just dont care?.

I wonder if in time it will change and clients will raise the bar here to eliminate the fly by night wannbees.


There are some rules in this industry that professional photographers, and video people tend to play golden rule is never use, play or even imply the music "Beauty and the Beast" with anything to do with a couples wedding know....there up dancing and on comes that song .... after watching about 17 videos on youtube today, all submissions by Chilean based wedding photographers and video production companies, to my horror. 2 videos using this as overlay music and one photographers slide show the same...I can only put it down to the song being sung in English and the editors just plain dont know whats being said. welcome to 1975 !

All said and done these things do frustrate me as I have to witness clients not getting the best on their one chance special day but I can only do so much. There are handfull of good quality production wedding photographers down here but only a handfull.

Shop carefully
Demand the best
and always always always ask to see some samples of previous LOCAL weddings.

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