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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photographer

As the destination wedding season begins for the Americans, Canadians and Europeans it is time for me to check my passport visas, make sure my suitcases are all intact, pack my toilet bag and ensure Im good to go. With Cuba, Mexico, Canada, United States and Enlgland lined up for 2010 2011 so far I'm going to be spending a considerable amount of time in airports but it's all part of the job....the result is I get to shoot in some "smoking hot" locations with some more amazing people....London is a personal friend for over 25 years so that is "pressure on" for me.

A quick reminder that if you are herelooking for an estimation for your special day please ensure you complete this form

For weddings within Chile please use this form

I look forward to meeting you and creating your images wherever you are getting married

Gardner Hamilton
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