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Friday, 27 May 2011

Elyiecia & Ivan ( Toronto, Canada ) en Vina del mar Chile Boda / Trash the Dress

Elyiecia and Ivan ( Toronto, Canada ) Sheraton Miramar , Vina del Mar

Fotografia de boda / Trash the dress
Just a few of my favourites before the story begins

I dont know where to start in this post. Elyiecia feels more like my sister than my bride client due to our extensive emailing skype-ing and facebooking over several months on the lead up to the big day.

 Its amazing how what starts off as a formal dealing online can turn into a friendship. We had so many laughs before we even met I just knew we would all work great together.

The day started off with bridal preparation….
ok so here we go...first up Elieycia was feeling a little under twhe stress of planning and international destination wedding so we were keeping a close eye on here

Now lets see....what wedding dress should you wear today Elyiecia ?

love the cool is that?

Elyiecia suffered a very bad foot injury before comming to Chile so I thought this o would be a great memory of the days fashion footwear.

a little risky but the Sheraton is not too high  ( QUACK)
Now since these guys were doing their preparation in the same place we had to think of something to keep the tradition safe.. I SAID NO PEEKING ELYIECIA !! geez

now lets go with Mr Groom

Pass me the rings please Ivan..
and with them being such huge MAC fans...

I said Kiss her Dude, Not drop her !!

a beautiful little moment between the bride and her mother

The "Tiffany Box Cake" and Sushi Grooms cake by

I think he likes it !!!

The sweet couple

The crazy gang from Toronto

Now, Like Brides Do....STARBUCKS

Time for a quick foto out front

NOW  THE POOL ....I promise you...its heated

Ok I mean it's NOT heated...sorry about that lol


Dear Wedding Photo Chile,

I wish I could have created my own options from the pull down menu above for example:

Question: "Overall service?...."
Answer: "You guys are crazy!"  lol :)

To be completely honest, I'm so thankful to have found you guys. As you know photography has always been very important to us, so when we were planning our wedding; finding top photographers abroad (who also spoke English) was our main priority.

From the very first point of contact you made everything FUN, SMOOTH & PROFICIENT...You even assisted with areas that were not your field (such as helping us find a venue) & counselling us during stressful times.

I don't feel a "client/photographer relationship" ever really existed with us and I appreciate that because thats what made our experience and pictures turn out so special! To work with two men that made our experience so personable was such an honour! You both put heaps of dedication, expertise, patience and passion into your work. MUCHOS GRACIAS POR TODO!!!!!

Elyiecia & Ivan Acosta. Toronto, Canada

Gardner Hamilton
Tel (0056 9) 9-992 9508