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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Matrimonio Paloma & Andres 29 Jan 2011 Pirque

Never before have I ever considered a Blog post of 40 images, Paloma and Andres dream wedding took place in a wonderfull countryside location in Pirque on a very very hot Saturday afternoon here in Chile.

You might remember the engagmenet session with these guys several months ago on the Vina del Mar / Concon coast line (see blog archive)

Paloma and Andres, both medical professionals, really did an excelent job of pulling this event together both in their selection of locations for wedding and prep and also in the details. As I said, I never post 40 images but in this wedding I decided it's time to start. So rather than choke you with the story, here we go...

The Prep...

The Details...time to steal the Dress , Shoes, Rings and Flowers and take them to the garden...
Flower Girls Dresses, Cute with a capital K

Ok so time is whizzng along ,  time to get the bride ready.....

Hey Presto  Da Daaaaaa  !!!!

Now whats Andres upto ?

God job sir...he's on it !

This ceremony held between magnificent trees in lush green surroundings had a large percentage of the guests rather teary. The sentiment between this couple was very apparent and their words just brought the tears gushing... just beautiful..

I always like to search out that alternate view.....and here it is !

Now it"s time to catch some shots of the happy couple while the guests get cocktailed.....

Two of THE CUTEST Flowergirls EVER !!

ok now to the serious business of dancing and eating and drinking and dancing and eating and drinking

First guys  very HOT !

Ok  all the single ladies on the floor...RRRRRRAAAAAMMMMOOOOOOOOOOO!

Now boys, get a hold of the Novio and rough him up a little....well   A LOT !

Ok Andres, Give them what they want ........!

....and the pary continues..... This was a first class event with a truely awesome group above all the fantastic people, the amazing location and he lovely hot sunny day, Andres y Paloma are truely in love !!

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