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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

5 questions to ask your wedding photographer

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now it is time to plan your big day. You will no doubt spend countless hours sifting through bridal magazines and surfing the web to find vendors that will help you achieve your dreams. Every vendor is important, but there is one you must know and trust more in-depth than any other: your wedding photographer. This is the vendor that will spend all day with you, and they are responsible for making sure every detail you worked so hard on is documented to relive for years to come. Because of this you want to make sure that you are in sync with their work and personality, but there are also have five questions you should ask to ensure that your photographer is as qualified as possible, and will give you the results you are looking for.

Question 1: Wedding Experience

How many years have you shot weddings? One of the most important aspects of a wedding photographer is their experience. Wedding photography is an art unto itself, and unless a photographer has covered weddings extensively, there are many details and nuances that they will simply not know to cover. You should look at the number of years in the business, and how many weddings they do per year. Of course, quality always trumps quantity, but this should give you an idea of how seasoned they are in shooting weddings.

Question 2: Professional versus the Weekend Warrior

Do you do this for a living, or is it a part-time job? Documenting a couple’s day consists of many different types of photography: fashion, portraiture, food, architecture and more. Because of this, it is beneficial to have a photographer that does more than just weddings, and works full-time, not just on the weekends. A photographer that shoots for a living develops his or her craft much more fully than someone who only does it as a hobby or to make extra income. Check and see if your photographer is a full-time professional, or part-time enthusiast.

Question 3: The Assistant

Will you be bringing an assistant? By having an assistant at the wedding, your photographer is bringing along a second set of hands, and eyes. An assistant enables the photographer to not be bogged down handling equipment, and stay focused on capturing moments. Things happen quickly, and assistant is one of the best ways to make sure your photographer works as effectively as possible.

Question 4: Backup Equipment

Do you always carry a backup camera? Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event. No matter whom you choose, there is always the chance that something could happen. You need to make sure your photographer is prepared. Ask if they have at least two cameras, and if the cameras they have are professional series. There is a great deal of difference in the speed and quality between consumer and pro cameras.

Question 5: Two Weddings in a Day

Are you shooting more than my wedding on my wedding day? Always check whether your photographer shoots more than one wedding in a day, or keeps to a one wedding per day policy. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to document a wedding well, and their attention should not be split between two different events. You want your photographer focused on making beautiful images of your day, not on how they are getting to their next shoot.