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Monday, 6 July 2009

getting married in Chile, matrimonios en Chile

Matrimonio en Chile…

Getting Married in Chile..

So…your getting married in Chile, or your thinking about it…well, without a boubt, Chile has some of the most stunning locations and backdrops I have ever seen. As a photographer the entire content of the photograph is very important to me, not just the subject but the entire composition. Chile has some amazing elements to offer for your wedding location from vine yards to mountains, snow, beaches, desert, glaciers etc etc etc..

Something to be aware of if your coming to Chile for your wedding is that most of the ceremonies take place after 7pm meaning that at many times of the year there is very low natural light or even none at all. In all my years as a wedding photographer I have always preferred the results using natural light for obvious reasons but in Chile, the system provides for evening weddings mainly meaning many of the photos have to be taken with artificial lights and flash. While this still produces perfectly good photos, it never replicates the beauty of natural light. So…if you have the option, set your church or ceremony time for around 4pm, after the main heat of the day and into the soft evening light…this may sound trivial but makes a world of difference to the resulting images and video.