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Saturday, 11 July 2009

The copyright freedom pays off

Well, today I booked a wedding for a great couple, it's a smaller and very private event needing some very specific shots but I know it will be a great shoot. They have great energy and seem very willing to be flexible to help create a range of image styles in a short timeframe..GREAT !.
Something the groom mentioned about why they decided to go with me on this event , other than the fact i;m a nice guy !! was due to the lack of copyright on their images....are they famous you ask?? No...well not that I know of...but his sister 18 months ago got held to ransom with her wedding photographs due to the photographer providing all the images as small file sizes and watermarked. When she asked for the original files to print and email the photogrpher then presented an entirely new set of prices...this is a typical example of what goes on in this makes me sick.

These photographers should have there cameras surgically removed. I would bet something very nice and expensive that the photographer did not even have a registered copyright to fight a case with..unfortunately in many cases the client just wants their images without more problems or without the risk of getting no images so they pay up...terrible.

So I rest my case with the copyright free images for clients.....