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Friday, 25 March 2011

Chilean Wedding, Indian Dress, Japanese Tsunami

Franchesca and Felipe, both of Vina del mar, Chile went into many long details when planning their special day with nearly 400 people attending it was a full church and the event salon at Salina Pergola in Vina del Mar was buzzing with activity.  Our day started out at the parents of Fran for the bridal prepation and the beautifull Indian inspired dress from Frans 1 year stay in India falling in love with many aspects of their culutre. While preperation was taking place the TV announced that the ecent earthquake in Japan was resulting in a Tsunami alert for Chile. With te Salinas event centre being right on the coast this caused many concerns as to how the day would play out. My heart was aching for fran as this was so dstracting from the days events for her, and probibly many other brides on pacific coastal positions.

 Anyhoo, ready she got and of to the church we went then to the event centre where, at 12:30 it was announce we had to clear the premises as the building had to be closed and evacuated.  With dinner only just finnished we had basically 15 mins throw the bouqette, throw the garter, cut the cake, eat the dessert buffet and dance.

After arriving at the church with this threat pending over us for a cancellationof the party I decided to offer the couple not to use time now to take portraits but to do this on another day, on my time, at no additional cost. I felt so bad for them. This way they got to spend as much time as possible with guests on the actual day. 1 week later we met  in concon and did their portraits.

Everything ended up well, .....well.....we nearly all got washed away at one point by 3 HUGE waves coming much further up the rocks than the other waves but Felipe being a surfer read it well and dragged us out of the shoot position with about 4 seconds to spare   YIKES!!!! , Thanks Sir !   here is a sneek peek of the day.

To the Church
Awesome Live music to dine with
1st Dance
and party mode....

..The Session samples

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