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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Iva & Pablo 15 Jan 2011 Wedding Preview Santiago Chile

This day started HOT at the RITZ CARLTON HOTEL in Santiago. We arrive early early as always to spend a little time with the bride before the preperation begins and also taking some time to scout the location to see what was available for detail photos and bridal portraits a little later. But for now Iva, it's all about bridal prep....

Now with the prep well underway its time to go hit out a few details..

 This is definately in my top ten of   "riskiests photos to take on the wedding day" Grand pianos do not dissmantle easily and it the rings fell throught the strings it would have been a case of..... "Pass me the Big Hammer Please"

OK enough already Gardner, time to get the dress back to Iva, there's a wedding to be had ...

and ready.....!!!

Arriving at Palacio Concha in Santiago there was some time to adjust and compose in the street outside be heading inside to begin

This was the first time I'd encountered the Judge telling the couple to place the rings at the same time, as can see it looks great for photos ( after this we changed the rings around as you can see Pablo and Iva got a little confused in the moment....TOO FUNNY)

SIGNED.SEALED.DELIVERED  now off to have some fun in the surrounding streets while the guests hit the cocktail...

RAMO .All the single ladies.....

As if it is not cool enough to have a brother with a Pizzaria, but how COOL is it to have the Pizzaria at your wedding...MMmmmmm  Awesome !

And finally...The Inevitable !!!

Thanks Iva & Pablo....a knockout event  !!!!

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