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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Barbara and Cristian 23 April 2010 Fotografo Matrimonios Santiago

Barbara and Cristian have waited a long time for this day and after having to change the date and location after the earthquake here in Chile they wer glad to finally see all the hard work come together.
Club Campo Penelalon, Santiago.. With a great view over the city.

The sun was setting fast and this wedding was a night shoot. Somewhat limiting for fine art artistic shots. It always bamboozles me why people would choose to get married in the dark when chile has some of the most bueatiful sunny days year long.

Barbaras dress was a true classic with many many fine details which are shown in the clients private image set

Ahhh the shoes...caught them in some natural fav

In the setup salon we had a little problem with electricity, never mind theres always power behind the bar. In all my years its the first time I have shot the Novia and her team getting made up behind a bar ..  very different and kinda cool

Ceromony Shots reserved for client

after the ceromony the spotlight hit the couple at the top of the stairs as they left tostart some private shooting while the guests cocktailed.

As we were so high up above the city it was really cold and poor Barbara...we had to move fast

all the kisses were keeping her warm

Fantastic band....if your getting married you gotta consider these guys

WOW  the biggest confetti bomb I've ever seen at a wedding...scared the pants right off me

dancing around the mothers just before the guys move in to lift and throw them around...

and the brides mother is hoisted into the air with terror...i love her expression in this shot...too funny

Ahh the sister catches the flowers...A fix possibly !!??!!

and this was the last wedding of the main season, mauricio and I found time for some stupidity

just couldn't pass on the chance.

PS Novios...the meal was just amazing !!!  many thanks

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